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phrases to say in times of trouble

...repeat until believe...




For when you feel really bad

For when you are waiting, just waiting for something to happen

For when you are looking for something and you don't know for what

For when you are looking for truth

For when you can not make a decision

For when there is too much work

For when life is hard

For when someone broke your heart

For when you feel like a loser

For when you think you are ugly

For when you are in pain

For when you feel lonely

For when you are afraid

For when you have done something really stupid

For when something terrible has happened to you

For when you are trying very hard and not having any success

For when you have to say goodbye

For when you are dead

Clichés on clichés

The Book of Clichés is here thanks to the inspiring enthusiasm of my good irc-friend Creamsicl.


The Book of Clichés lists phrases to say in times of trouble in a number of categories. It all started when I was in an unpleasant situation for a while, and found myself saying things like listed here, apparently in order to convince myself of something. I was not sure if it helped, but I realized that there are phrases for most of the painful situations. So I put some of them together and published them on my website.

Since The Book of Clichés first appeared on the internet in late 1996, it has grown into one of the classic cliché-sites and has won numerous internet awards.

Many people have contributed by sending me clichés. Thank you all. Look here for a list of contributors.


last update: 27 August 2000