September 21, 1999

Syd Barrett in 1967

"I actually met Syd Barrett in 1967 while I was still at Cambridge. That was actually two years before I photographed him. And two years before I even picked up a camera. Syd was one of my first subjects. I co-owned a windup 16mm Bolex with two friends. I shot in the rambling apartment opposite South Kensington tube station, which Syd and I later shared with several other artists in the winter of '68/'69. By then Syd had left Pink Floyd. When I arrived for 'The Madcap Laughs' photo session, Syd was still in his underpants when he opened the door. He'd totally forgotten about the session and fell about laughing. His lady friend of two weeks, 'Iggy the Eskimo' was naked in the kitchen making coffee. She didn't mind either.  They both laughed a lot and it was a magical session."

Bonita Lei interviews Mick Rock, August. 1999 - New York