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Greens in the Philippines

The Philippine Greens First General Assembly on November 29-30, 1997

The Philippine Greens are glad to announce their First General Assembly on November 29-30, 1997, in Quezon City. The assembly will discuss and approve the vision, framework of analysis, program of action and constitution of the Philippine Greens. This is a historic moment, because it marks the rise in the Philippines of a new political formation that combines socio-ecological advocacy, political activism, a comprehensive program, and the Green world view.

The Philippine Greens have actually begun their activities months before this First General Assembly.

They held their first discussions in July 1996, and issued the document "A Manifesto of Philippine Greens" on November 30, 1996.
Throughout the first half of 1997, they held a series of study workshops for prospective members. On July 9, about 100 members and supporters picketed a conference of mining executives held at the World Trade Center in Manila. Last September 19-21, the Greens held a three-day fast at the Shrine for Heroes, to recall the 25th anniversary of the declaration of martial law in the Philippines, and to honor those who died fighting the Marcos dictatorship. On November 24, the Greens co-organized with their local counterpart, the Community Volunteers Movement (CVM), a rally in Baguio City, the urban heart of the Philippines' northern indigenous region, to support the struggle of indigenous tribes against mining within their ancestral lands. Another rally will follow in Manila on November 26, in front of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the government office that has been granting mining permits to foreign companies.

The Philippine Greens will welcome messages of greetings or support, on the occasion of their First General Assembly, from like-minded groups and individuals. Please address your message to greenfm@phil.gn.apc.org or fax it to (63-2) 922-4397.

Thank you very much.

Roberto Verzola
Organizing Committee
First General Assembly of the Philippine Greens