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Greens in Pakistan


Dear Greens

We are associated with the Society for Conservation and protection of Environment (SCOPE) which has been accredited with UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) since 1993. SCOPE has been functioning as regional focal point of CSD NGOs Steering Committee.

We, at individual level, have decided to initiate Green party in Pakistan, so you can take us as new members of your great green family. We have established a "Green Party Convening Committee" for the organisation of Green Party of Pakistan. This Committee will work for a solid foundation of Green Party of Pakistan.

As you know that the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) was established to monitor the implementation of the Agenda-21, a global evironmental plan of action decided by the world governments at the Earth Summit, held at Brazil.

The CSD has annual sessions at the UN headquarters at New York. During the sessions, inter-sessional meetings also take place.

CSD in its meetings discusses the status of implementation of various chapters of Agenda-21. The Commission receives progress reports from Governments and NGOs on the status of implementation at national level, thus this forum provides an important opportunity to governments and civil society to assess the level of the implementation of Agenda-21.

Since we understand that most of the governments have not been able to abide by the commitments they had made during the UNCED and other environmental treaties and that a strong political will is required for early and effective implementation of Agenda-21.

We hereby propose that a "Green Party Working Group on CSD (GPWG-CSD)" be established comprising of GP members having substantial experience in CSD related areas. This working group, may provide its input to the CSD regularly and inter-sessional meetings to help generate political will among the world governments and NGO's.

We propose that GPWG-CSD will make statements on various Agenda-21 issues during the CSD sessions and intersessionals. It is proposed that the group organize its work through this e-mail conference. The group will maintain close contact with DPCSD and other UN bodies regarding its work.

We want to know if such a group or committee already exists at Global level among Greens, if not, what are initial reactions of Greens on this proposal.

For the time being we would like to volunteers ourselves to coordinate the consultative work regarding this group, after receiving a substantial number of feedbacks, we will circulate first draft for final inputs and remarks to prepare TORs of the Group.

Please send your comments soon.

Yours coordially

Ms. Asma Hussain
Tanveer Arif