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The Greens of Egypt

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The parliamentary election at November 29th, 1995 was accompanied with a lot of violence. The ruling National Democratic Party of president Mubarak gained a large majority. From the six Green candidates no one was elected

Source: the Egyptian news agency MENA

Cairo, 14 August 1995: Four opposition political parties have affirmed the need to take part in the People's Assembly elections this year, whether they are held according to the individual ticket system or the list system. The parties said that the participation of political parties in the elections is a national and pan-Arab duty.

These parties are the Ummah Party, the Unionist Democratic Party, the Egyptian Green Party and the People's Democratic Party.

The party leaders issued a statement after their meeting today, announcing that they will stand in the elections in coordination with all the opposition parties and national forces under one banner. The name of the candidate will appear as an opposition and national forces candidate, without mentioning the name of the party.

The statement said that the heads of the four parties had decided to continue contacts and negotiations with the rest of the opposition parties and national forces to coordinate moves on how to take part in the elections. The statement was signed by Mr Ahmad al-Sabahi, leader of the Ummah Party; Ibrahim Turk, leader of the Unionist Democratic Party; Anwar Afifi, leader of the People's Democratic Party; and Hasan Abd al-Salam al-Khayyat, member of the Green Party higher committee.