Adelbertus of Egmond

Confessor, first half 8th century. Feast: 25 June.

According to the vita he was native of Northumbria, and missionary and helper of St Willibrord (though hardly any historical facts about him are known). He died ca 740 at Egmond and was buried there. In 922 his relics were translated to a nun's abbey nearby. At that time a medicinal well originated on his grave (the 'Adelbertusput' or 'Aelbersput'). Both the well and the abbey attracted pilgrims. The nuns soon moved away from the abbey, and the new inhabitants were monks. This was the start of the Adelbertusabdij.

A vita of Adelbertus was written at the end of the 10th century by Ruopert of Mettlach. Ca 1130 new miracles were written down by one of the Egmond monks.


A hymn Ave dei clare miles Adalberte (AH 23, p. 103, nr. 161) for Adelbertus is found in NL-DHk 71 J 70 and in F-Pn nal 3178 of the Abdij Ste Marie in Rijnsburg.
An office is found in NL-DHk 73 E 8 and F-Pn nal 3178 of the Rijnsburg Abbey.

Adelbertus's name is in the calendar and litany of SA-CT G 3 b 2.

A sequence for Adelbertus Concentu melodie (AH 44, nr 14, p. 22) is in the membra disjecta, CB, Leuven, dating ca 1200 and in B-Br II 3825 from Rijnsburg Abdij.

His name is in B-Br 3104 in a collect on f. 75rb (Sanctorum confessorum lebuini radbodi atque adelberti ... (missal of the Agnesklooster in Hoorn), in NL-Uu 424 (collectarius of Mariakerk Utrecht), and in B-AFFLppa diurnale, of Pieter- en Paulus-abdij in Affligem. His name is also in NL-Uu 425 from Paulusabdij in Utrecht.


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