Species: Euphorbia serrata

Family: Euphorbiaceae  
Genus:  Euphorbia
Species description: Glabrous, glaucus perrenial 20-50cm.Stock slender, woody.Leaves linear-oblong to ovate-lanceolate, acute or obtuse, with fine patent teeth; the upper broadly ovate at base.Ray-leaves lanceolate-acumate to suborbicular; raylet-leaves ovate to suborbicilar, yellow.Rays 3-5, once to several times dichotomous.Capsule 5-6 mm.Seeds c. 3 mm, smooth or shallowly punctate, grey

Field Notes:


Distribution: S.W.Europe, extending northwards to 46 N in W.France and eastwards to Pantellaria (nearSicilia) Bl Ga It Lu Sa Si

Found: S.E.Spain; Sierra de Alcaraz

Date: 21-4-94

Flora Europea:2-217



Pictures: A.Voswinkel, The Netherlands

email: aart@knoware.nl